An intriguing epic story set in oyomore kingdom of Itsekiri, delta state, the kingdom of Oyomore has two statuses, the royals and the slave community known as Iriales. Oyomore is led by a power drunk King Ofotokun who wrestles men and gods in a bid to retain power. The story is wooven round Ogiame, the wicked King as we watch him struggle against the manifestation of a prophecy that foretold his annihilation. Every scene on Riona is detailed and the continuity is excellent, i believe the show runners have a right to claim supremacy. Produced by James Omokwe, Riona is starring Frank konwea, Najite Dede, Elvina Ibru amongst other talented act. Currently airing on Dstv Channel 151, the show is most beautiful thing on Nigerian TV right now.

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